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___ Faculty ___

ODA Founder and President

- Mr. Kevin Spracklin

ODA Teacher, Mentor, Engineer

- Dwaine Frenche AKA DJ XL

ODA Teacher

- Chris Young AKA Deejay Bishop

ODA Mentor

- Tommy Lemon AKA DJ Scottie Pimpin

ODA Mentor

- Chad Cox AKA Chad Mello

ODA Scratch Teacher


ODA FB Marketing Class

- JR Crayne

ODA Sound and Equipment Theory

- Jay Garrison

Kevin Spracklin / DJ Rowdy / Mr. ShowTime

Started ShowTime Music in 1992.

MR. ShowTime is one of the most respected vendors in the wedding industry. He has hosted and MC'd many bridal shows and is truly a leader in his industry.

"I will personally teach you how to work with clients and show you all the ins and outs of the wedding Industry. You will be able to avoid all the costly mistakes I made as a young DJ and entrepreneur."

Mr. ShowTime has DJ'd / MC'd over 5000 events. Events include Heisman Trophy events, Olympic trials and countless others.

Mr. ShowTime is a world class MC/Announcer & DJ.

Mr. Spracklin got the DJ bug by visiting the local college radio station at Kearney State College back in the late 1980's. This is where he knew what his career would be going forward. After being a resident DJ for 5 years in many Omaha bars and clubs it's here where he realized that to have a career in DJ'ing he had to get serious about all facets of DJ'ing. Mr. ShowTime was self taught when it came to mixing, blending, vocal training, promotion and many other DJ skills. He realized he had to master all skills to be come a successful DJ and business owner. For over 15 years MR. ShowTime performed in over 5,000 DJ shows. Mr. ShowTime has trained and mentored countless successful DJ's throughout his career. Mr. ShowTime is one of the most well known DJ's in Nebraska history and is well known through out the USA and world. He has gained respect by professional DJ's from all over. His recognition across the U.S and World came after he launched the Omaha DJ Academy "ODA" in 2009.

Quote: After I saw that the industry was moving to the digital age and it was easy to access music, it changed the whole industry. I could see that the art of DJ'ing was dying fast and that pushing a button was all you had to do to be a DJ. The quality of DJ’s was going down and so was the price of your earning potential. This is when I knew I had to make a difference in the industry. I knew I wanted to help train the best DJ's and MC's around. Help them experience the same success I had acquired in my career. Help them make what they were truly worth and have clients appreciate and respect them.

The Omaha DJ academy has trained many DJ's that have gone on to great success. Many students are respected by their peers and admired for their skills.

MR. ShowTime is one of the most respected vendors in the wedding industry. He has hosted and MC'd many bridal Shows and is truly a leader in his industry.

I will personally teach you how to work with clients and show you all the ins and outs of the wedding Industry. You will be able to avoid all the costly mistakes I made as a young DJ and entrepreneur.

Learn how to get clients.

  • Close sales easily
  • Promote yourself
  • Cultivate relationships
  • Make your clients happy
  • Love YOUR job
  • Be respected
  • Financial freedom
  • Be your own Boss
  • Knowledge
  • Freedom
  • Feel empowered
  • Self-confidence

If you have just graduated and don't really know what to do with your life give me a call and we can talk about your dreams and goals. You can make this a career or just a part time job to get you through college.

Remember Music is the universal language everyone connects to.

Talk to you soon,



DJ XL is the right hand man of Mr. ShowTime AKA Kevin Spracklin

DJ Xl has a hardware engineering degree and has been at ODA since day one.

DJ XL has taught and mentored many successful Dj's and loves the art of Dj'ing and any kind of technology.

"XL is the smartest man I have ever met" Mr. ShowTime

Over 10 years ago Dj-XL realized he had an undeniable love for music. He took that passion and began polishing up his skills on the turntables. His hard work and dedication led him to appear in various clubs and shows.

His popularity first came as being known for spinning all the hot reggae hits but he decided to broaden his music genre and diversify his fan base. As his popularity rose on the Hip-Hop scene he decided to enlist the support of various artists.

Dj-XL is originally from Trinidad & Tobago (the Caribbean) but is now in Nebraska. He has held residences at Showtime Music and Insanity Entertainment. Dj –XL has made many other appearances throughout Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas area. The digital master loves to create dance worthy mixes and loves to see everyone dancing. In 2010 DJ Xl received the Prestigious Edward English Garcia Dj of thew year memerioal award from ShowTime Music. The highest DJ Honor In The Midwest.

DJ Bishop aka Mr. Exclusive

(Head DJ instructor for ODA)

What can I say about a DJ every DJ looks up to? Bishop is the man when it comes to every DJ in Omaha. Bishop has rocked crows all around the world and is the Head Instructor at The Omaha DJ Academy. If you can book him for Your wedding it's money well spent. Has been rocking crowds for many years. We love having Bishop on our staff.

Bishop is not only a great wedding DJ he is a real DJ. He uses advanced DJ equipment at all times Bishop is a very exclusive DJ and a member of private DJ clubs/organizations being recognized as a great DJ.

My contribution to the industry: Is to provide Omaha with the newest, hottest and top quality music. That many have come to love. This story began when DJ Bishop started mixing back in '89. Having been born and raised in Chicago, where "House Music" is a dominating force, he picked up an ear for rhythm timing by learning beats per minute, which is one of the key factors to mixing. The first mixing equipment that he used was tape decks followed by turntables and finally C.D players. DJ Bishop later made the move or better yet, the relocation from Chicago to Omaha, Nebraska in 1992. In Omaha, he started performing at house parties, high schools, Boys Town events, etc. During 1994 he worked for KNOS 88.9 FM as a radio disc jockey on Friday nights and Saturday mid-day. But, his time at KNOS would last for a year when he finally realized that in addition to working at the radio station that he needed to broaden his audience by live Dee-Jaying at different clubs around the city.

DJ Bishop would eventually Bishop moved on to KBLR Hot 107.7 & 97.3, where he was professionally known as "Mr. Exclusive” respectively. As well as spinning the hottest jams for XM Radio the City 67. DJ Bishop drops all the hot "exclusives" On Kopw Power 106.9 weekday rush for 3 years straight. Currently you can catch DJ Bishop Rocking out in varies clubs in Omaha and surrounding cities teaming up with national Coredjs and Crowdrockas djs.


(ODA Scratch Instructor)
World Class Scratch Artist

DJ CMB dubbed by DJ Qbert's MGR the next great scratch Artist.