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About Omaha DJ Academy

The Omaha DJ Academy currently offers classes for the beginner DJ who wants to learn the skills of the DJ trade. Our experienced staff will take you step by step and teach you skills that would normally take years of honing on your own. You will learn the history of mixing and scratching, Hip-hop culture , Rave, House, Underground, and many other styles. Not only will our staff teach you the secrets of the trade, but you will also learn how to market yourself to a variety of different kinds of venues, learn gorilla marketing/branding/advertising strategies, and learn how to build a social following that will make you a commodity in any scene you decide to be a part of. At ODA we take being a DJ serious. If you think you have what it takes to be a top DJ and learn the secrets of the trade, then click here!

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the best DJ’s on the planet, and to make Omaha Nebraska a leader in the DJ music scene. We are a fairly new organization. Stay tuned on our website and Facebook page to learn about new courses and opportunities available at the Omaha DJ Academy and Showtime Music. We have BIG plans for the future.

Available Courses at the Omaha DJ Academy

Currently we offer several courses at the Omaha DJ Academy, Intro to DJ'ing, Intro to Scratching, Advanced DJ'ing. As we continue to grow and get feedback from our students and partners, we will open new courses for people to enroll in. The intro to DJ'ing course will be a prerequisite for anyone wanting to take one of the more advances courses in the future, unless they test out of the class.
We also offer private lessons for the students who like to go above and beyond. Contact Us for more info on private lessons.