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Available Courses at the Omaha DJ Academy

International Students welcome

Earn a certification in Dj'ing. Blaze your own career path, Be your own boss, Earn what your worth.
Currently we only offer several courses at the Omaha DJ Academy, Intro to DJ'ing, Intro to Scratching, Advanced DJ'ing. As we continue to grow and get feedback from our students and partners, we will open new courses for people to enroll in. The intro to DJ'ing course will be a prerequisite for anyone wanting to take one of the more advances courses in the future, unless they test out of the class.
We also offer private lessons for the students who like to go above and beyond. Contact us at for more info on private lessons.

Class Schedule

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ODA Career Course

Are you graduating high School, College or just stuck in a career that's not going anywhere?
Are you a college student struggling to make extra funds or do you have a job that's just not enough to cover the bills?

A college degree can cost up to $100,000 on the average. Even after you graduate you still have to find a job in your field of study and even then you’re not guaranteed to make a living wage.

As founder and president of the Omaha DJ Academy I will pass on my valuable knowledge of 30 years. I have already stumbled and wasted money trying to find out what works and doesn't work..

Great Learning Environment

Do you want a career with the freedom of being your own boss and having the respect of your peers? At the Omaha DJ Academy your just 6 weeks away from having a real career in DJ'ing. A career the will give you financial and personal freedom. ODA will teach you valuable career skills that not only will help in your daily life but will make you an expert in the DJ Industry.

How would it feel to be able to name your own price for working 1-2 days per week? At the Omaha DJ Academy we will help you reach your career goals. ODA Instructors are experienced and highly respected in their field. ODA Instructors are not only excellent teachers they are also life coaches and mentors. I will personally teach you MC skills, How to address a crowd, speak to clients, close deals for any type of event. Just knowing how to communicate is the biggest part of the job. Anyone can have expensive equipment but in reality those are just tools and with out the proper execution and training your not only letting your client down your letting yourself down. Don't settle for less. The Omaha DJ academy has trained many DJ's that have gone on to great success. Many students are respected by their peers and admired for their skills.

MR. ShowTime is one of the most respected vendors in the wedding industry. He has hosted and MC'd many bridal Shows and is truly a leader in his industry.

Stand out at Bridal Shows

"I will personally teach you how to work with clients and show you all the ins and outs of the wedding Industry. You will be able to avoid all the costly mistakes I made as a young DJ and entrepreneur".

If you have just graduated and don't really know what to do with your life give me a call and we can talk about your dreams and goals. You can make this a career or just a part time job to get you through college. Remember Music is the universal language everyone connects to. After training hard take a break in our private garden or take a walk a round Hanscom Park Lake.

While training at ODA you will get to experience the outdoors at ODA's private retreat on the Missouri River. Students will enjoy, fishing, campfires, private performances for a large group of campers and bonding with other students. 

Career Course
Limited availability
6 week full time extensive DJ training course.
  • Learn to be a professional DJ
  • Learn to be a professional MC/Wedding DJ
  • Make your clients happy
  • Cultivate relationships
  • Feel empowered
  • Love YOUR job
  • Be respected
  • Learn how to get clients
  • Be your own Boss
Professional FB marketing course

  • Close sales easily
  • Promote yourself
  • Financial freedom
  • Knowledge Freedom
  • Self-confidence
  • Be a successful vendor at Bridal fairs
  • Stand out amongst your peers
  • Make your own hours.
  • Be apart of an exclusive fraternity


Your career starts here at ODA

Custom professional website guaranteed to bring you business.

Talk to you soon,

Students are also eligible to intern at Blazzin 95 Internet radio station. Select space available. You must write a one-page essay why you should be able to intern with the Blazzin Crew.



Intro to DJing - Course Description


The Intro to DJ course is a 7 week course teaching the skills listed below. Students will receive knowledge and experience using modern professional DJ equipment, equipment purchasing advice, an ODA T-shirt, and a Certificate of Achievement. ODA will provide the classroom tools to complete the Intro to DJing course.
A certificate is awarded to students who attend the minimum number of classes, pass a written final exam, record a mix CD, pass a live DJing performance, and complete an internship. The mix CD, live DJing performance, and internship provide students, instructors, and potential employers with a student’s proof of competency.
The outcome of taking the Intro to DJing course is for students to create their own mix CD. The mix CD is a thirty (30) minute (minimum) recording of a student’s beat mixing. The CD is one example of the proof of competency aspect that is integrated within the certificate program. The CD can also be included as part of the DJ’s portfolio as a marketing tool to get bookings.
The purpose of the final exam is to assess students’ learning of the material covered during the certificate program. This written examination may consist of multiple choice, true/false, and/or short answer questions. A grade of eighty five percent (85%) or better is needed to pass the final exam.
There will be a live performance opportunity for students to showcase their learned and improved DJing skills live and in front of our instructors. The song selection should be identical to the ones recorded on the mix CD as part of the Intro to DJing: Final Project. Students will receive constructive feedback after their sixty (30) minute (minimum) performance. A grade of eighty five percent (85%) or better is needed to pass the live DJing performance.

Curriculum Cost:

Each course costs (call for current class price). This cost is to be paid in full before the first day of class. No refunds are offered once the student has committed to completing the course. In the case that there is an emergency that prohibits the student from attending the minimum number of classes during the 6 week course they enrolled in, the option to continue in a different 6 week Intro to DJing course will be allowed; in this case, if the price of the course changes between the time the student initially enrolls, and the time they continue, the difference in price must be paid in full before the student may continue in the course.

Curriculum requirements:

  • The ODA requires that all registered students, finish the course in a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • The Intro to DJ course is a 7 week course teaching the skills listed below.
  • All students are required to finish the curriculum for a final certificate.
  • Students may make-up up to 2 missed classes. It is the responsibility of the students to schedule a make up class with the head instructor. Make up classes are a 30 min material overview.
  • If more than 2 classes are missed it is the instructors discression of any make up time.
  • Students requiring extra time with the instructors can schedule a private training lesson for $50 per hour.