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Video Testimonials by Students at Omaha DJ Academy

Have you served in the Military and are looking for a new exciting career that you can be your own BOSS and be all that You can be?

DJ KO tell you his experience from ODA

People from all walks enter the Omaha DJ Academy.

Professional fisherman Dj Systamatic

Studio Slave

Bing Bang Boom

Shout out from Industry Professionals


World famous DJ Angelo

Multi platinum artist MR C

World Fmous DJ Flash and DJ Quik

World Fmous DJ Flash and DJ Quik

  • After having a couple of years off dj ing i decided to get into the digital side of things and signed up for the full dj course at Omah DJ Academy which i thoroughly enjoyed ODA obviously has a vast knowledge of all aspects of djing and teaches you in a very laid back but thorough way in a style that suits your individual needs and by the end of it i left with confidence and know how to play out shortly afterwards i went on holiday to portugal and asked a local bar if i could spin a few records and ended up djing for 4 hours!! If your looking for a place to learn djing or just to improve and gain confidence Omaha DJ Academy is definitely the place to start!
    Suddsy (Advanced Dj Lessons)
  • Teaching is as much of a skill as mixing itself but harder as ya gotta have the patience of a saint some some folk just cant grasp it... Let Missy M mother you into mixing heaven... It comes with a very big stamp of approval from me...!
    Marc Leaf
  • Really enjoyed my lessons. I didnt have a clue what to do but I at least have an idea. Thanks for your patience shown with a complete beginner. The course has definitely give me the taste to dj and will hopefully be looking to have more sessions in the near future.
    Matt (Beginners Sessions)
  • I would recommend a course with Omaha DJ Academy to anyone thinking about learning to dj or any dj who wants to improve their skills. I started as a complete beginner, I had never touched a pair of decks or a mixer before my first lesson, Id always just sat back and let other people do it! 6 lessons later Ive learnt the basics of beat matching, beat teasing, my mixing has got much smoother, and Im already trying out acapellas and experimenting with effects. I finished the beginners course with an hour-long demo CD of tunes I love, mixed by me and Im on the decks whenever I have any spare time! Kevin is a brilliant teacher, very patient, very encouraging and clearly knows her stuff - anyone thinking of having lessons, join the Academy you will learn so much from him!
    Graeme Currie
  • Attending the studio over the course of the summer encouraged a more confident skill set than I had previously. Using some of the most up-to-date DJing equipment in the studio along with a tutor who is patient, supportive and easy to engage with increased my ability and excelled my playing style. There is a fantastic tutor who made me feel comfortable and at ease with myself. My experience at the Omaha DJ Academy was fun, energizing and an experience I will carry with me forever. Thank you for all youve infused within in me and for being a part of my journey as an aspiring DJ.
    di Monte
  • Course was ace! I had no idea what to expect or what to do but ODA was really patient and made me feel at ease immediately. The 1-2-1 time meant we went at my pace too. I kept playing my first recorded mix to al my mates , they are fed up of hearing me bang on about it but i cant wait to go back to them with my first set !! :)
    Edwina (Beginners Sessions)
  • If ya looking to get into djing sign up to the academy and learn from somebody whos been there and done it and has the t-shirt to prove it.... Plus shes gorgeous.
    Paul Rough